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On to the post:

In another language because the english poster looks boring

I recall about a year ago seeing a short untelling preview for Avatar in the movie theater or somewhere and thinking: “WANT TO SEE”

Before that, however, I remember seeing another preview in the theaters for a movie called “Battle for Terra” This was a nicely done indie film all in cartoonish kind of 3D environments. Seeing that, I thought: “WANT TO SEE”

After some time, since as in indie film they had no advertising budget, I hadn’t seen Battle for Terra and found out I had missed it in theaters if it was even there. I got the movie and watched that and it was basically a watered down version of Avatar.

Mainly, humans go looking for refuge on another planet and find one full of aliens and try to take over, resulting in the militaristic humans being defeated by the primitive alien race. Now, I wanted to see this movie because it was the first movie (remember, Avatar hadn’t come out yet) I had heard of that blatantly exposed the truth of mankind and how we have a tendency to come in and take stuff and be outright douchebags.

I liked this out-of-the-box concept and enjoyed the movie. Nothing else about it was super impressive, but nothing was bad either. Definitely worth seeing, I would still say.

When the ads for Avatar started picking up and I finally knew the premise, I realized this was going to be an extremely fucking awesome version of Battle for Terra. Had Avatar not been 10 years in the making, I could have accused James Cameron of ripping off Battle for Terra. Turns out it was just a story begging to be made, and the indie developers got finished first.

Pictured: Simulated underexaggerated aftermath of the motorcycle stunt

Finally Avatar came out and I for one was ready to take a death-defying helmetless motorcycle ride across an industrial explosives and trains factory to see it. Since I do in fact own a helmet and had no motorcycle or industrial factories nearby, I saw it about a week after it came out. This was difficult because I had to duck and roll every second of the day to avoid the reviews being fired in every direction. The idea was I did not want to go in there with any influences or preconceptions about the movie. The only thing I managed to hear about it was that it set a new standard for CGI and effects, but I could have guessed that, seeing as how the ten years of making were due to 1990’s computers being the equivalent of modern PDA’s you order from the back of a cereal box. And Cameron would have none of that. They in fact use a massive section of their budget developing new film technology and paying people by the hour to sit there all day and check if the world had invented good computers yet.

All in all, I loved Avatar more than I shall love my first born child. Not just for the effects, but the story, the plot, the characters, the messages, the minimal usage of made up BS for how science works, and everything else. In fact the CGI ended up being a minor high point compared to the rest of the movie.

Now that all of my done-before praise is out of the way, I shall get to what I was thinking about when I started this post.

"Avatar sucks!"

Obviously there are many people who think Avatar was crap. The vast majority of these people just do the opposite of what societysays because they are badass rebels who don’t play by society’s rules*. For the sake of not upsetting people, I’ll say now that I respect their opinions*.

There are a select few who actually hate the movie for far more in depth and well thought out reasons*. Many of these select few have no lives and decided to post their findings on the internet. Having no life myself, I am going to address these ‘reasons’ and respond to them.


1) Avatar vs. The Gays – as seen on http://stopavatarmovie.blogspot.com/

Now, before I get called a gay basher and an insensitive asshole, I will say now that I have absolutely no issue with gay people. I’m a huge supporter of Courage Campaign and some other gay rights activist groups. One of my best friends since I was in middle school is bisexual, I have several more good friends who are gay or lesbian, and damnit, I will support lesbian porn until death.

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I haven’t posted anything on politics in my weblog yet for reasons I won’t bother to explain. I’ll come out bluntly and say I am pro-Obama. He represents everything this country needs and should have had for the past 8 years. Even more needed than Obama winning is McCain loosing. McCain wants the war in the Middle East to go on and is going to continue on another 4 to 8 years of destruction, if this country is even still standing by then.

Today a good friend of mine showed me a paper he wrote entitled “America, the Terrorist”. Though this may seem a bit extreme, when it comes right down to it the title is pinpoint accurate.

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Tech Support

August 29, 2008

Yesterday night I wanted to install a printer, only to devastatingly find out that I did not have the CD with the software and drivers anymore. The easy solution to this problem was to go to the HP website and download it. This would have been easy, but the link to that one specific file I wanted just happened to be broken.

I resorted to one of the last things I EVER try in this kind of situation. I restored to tech support. Almost every time I have ever contacted tech support I have been severely insulted. Therefore, I avoid such contact as much as possible. I decided to go with the instant-messenger chat help like I do when possible.

This time, I decided I’ll have fun instead of being insulted; and I did. This is the log of what was said.

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So, today I was on a casual mission to go to the store and buy some regular stuff. Some milk, some lemons, and various delectables. One thing I love about Nob Hill Foods is their soda selection. For as long as I have gone there they have sold red Mountain Dew; the only thing better than regular Mountain Dew. No other stores within this city or surrounding cities do I know of that sell red Mountain Dew.

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I personally tend to have rather harsh critical views on humanity. I prefer to do as little dealing with people as possible whenever I can. Some people will agree that the overall intelligence of people is slightly less than the average on an IQ chart. I consider myself to be smarter than the average person, without being over-confident or stuck up. I can identify and accept when someone is just plain better or smarter than me in something.

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Jell-O vs. Pudding

August 18, 2008

One thing that has never been answered to me, and I fear never will be, is why the small single-person sized packs of pudding made by Kraft are labeled Jell-O.

Question Time!

But pudiNgs ar MAed buy teH Jell-O cumPeny, so iznT tHats y it iz naimd Jell-O???

Answer Time!

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Bigfoot: The truth?

August 16, 2008

Now, before I start, I’d like to say that with things like this; Bigfoot, Dragons, Sucuriju, etc. I have a very open mind. If it is a possible event, however unlikely, that does mean it is fake? Bluntly put—No.

The other day I was about to leave the house when this story appeared on CNN. The body of a Bigfoot species, found and documented.

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